World Communion

On October 6, 2019, join with Christians around the world as we join together in receiving this sacrament.  To emphasize the unity of this act we will lift up the nationalities reflected in our congregation as well as the various ages, home states, languages, and religious backgrounds.   

This year we are asking for volunteers to bake bread from around the world.  Examples are Pita Bread from the West Bank, Challah Bread from Israel, Ksra Bread from Morocco, Diphaphata (stove-top muffins) from Botswana, Pineapple Nut Bread from the Caribbean, Caribbean-Style Banana Bread, Pan Amusado Bread, Sopaipilla & Tortilas from Chili, Chinese Almond Bread, Chapati (Indian Flat Bread) & Puris (whole wheat bread puffs) from India.

Is this something you can help the Worship Committee with?  If you love to bake, please contact Nancy Franks at 302-697-8438; she will provide you with a recipes from one of the above countries to bake.