Sunday School Communion

Over recent decades, it has become common for children’s Sunday school to be concurrent with worship. We have come to realize that it may therefore be possible for a child to be “in church” their whole lives without ever attending a worship service or having participated in communion. Church research is showing that for children and teens that regularly attend Sunday School, but are not well integrated into worship, the transition into worship does not go very well, if at all, when they enter their teenage or young adult years.

We want to ensure that our children and youth are well integrated into church life, including worship and communion. Therefore, we are planning to bring Sunday school classes into worship for communion once per month. Beginning on Sunday, March 6, 2016 all Sunday school classes will be joining the congregation for Communion at the 9:45 AM service on the first Sunday of each month. They will have a shortened class, and will be entering the sanctuary for communion.

A second opportunity for helping children and youth experience worship is through serving as an acolyte.  In this way, they experience worship, as well as serve while they worship. We are currently seeking more acolytes, and an acolyte coordinator. Please prayerfully consider this.

A third way for our youth and children to experience worship is to attend one of the other services before or after the Sunday school hour. As a way of ensuring that your children experience the fullness of faith, we encourage you to plan times when you will all worship together as a family.  (Especially as children reach late elementary school and middle school into high school, planning these times together is important.)

To prepare for children to participate in communion at the 9:45 service once per month, we are inviting families (including children, of course) to join Pastor Amy for an informational session. This will be a time of learning together about the meaning of the sacrament, and its’ significance for us.  This will also be a time to answer questions, etc. as we prepare for this change. 

Date: Sunday, February 28, 2016 

Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM (with lite dinner served)

Please join us for this opportunity to discuss Sunday School Communion and its meaning.

The process of transitioning the children from the classroom to the sanctuary is as follows:

  1. All grades PreK through HS present in Sunday School on the first Sunday of the month will be required to proceed with the SS classes to the Sanctuary to participate.
  2. SS classes will gather by 10:25 in Fellowship Hall.
  3. All children/youth present at that time will proceed to sanctuary at 10:30.
  4. Pews will be reserved in back for seating.
  5. Classes will be seated and prepare for communion service.
  6. Parents who have requested that their child join them for communion will have their children walk quietly to them, while a teacher observes from the back. (We chose this method to ensure the least amount of disruption.)
  7. Children will participate in the Great Thanksgiving prayer to prepare for communion.
  8. Classes will proceed through the communion line and return (down center aisle) back to reserved seating.
  9. Classes will remain in the sanctuary after communion.
  10. Parents will pick up children at the rear of the church following communion.

Beginning communion date : Sunday March 6, 2016