2020 Summer Camp Calendar

May 26 – May 29          NO Camp Play Care Only

June 1– June 5             Safe Summer Fun

Our little medical students will use their stuffed animals  as patients , create their own First Aid Kit while learning the about the duties of our medical professionals on a daily basis

June 8—June 12       Bugs Life

Exploring Nature and its crawling creatures through the exploration of the world around us

June 15-June 19       Gadgets and Gizmos

Creating and designing structures using a variety of dimensional objects while broadening our skills in problem solving ,reasoning and team work .

June 22-June 26     Ahoy Matey!

Sail the seven seas with the Wesley Preschool staff and join the pirate crew as we look for buried treasures and make treasure maps.

June 29-July 3     Splish Splash Fun Water in the Sun Fun with water inside and out!

July 6-July 10     Infinity and Beyond

Travel with us through outer Space exploring the galaxies and the shooting stars. Creating our own rocket ships.

July 13—July 17       Under Sea Adventures

The mystical ocean awaits. Discover the world among the deep blue. Encounter

adventures through language ,arts ,music and more.

July 20-July 24     Arts Around the World

Each day we will learn about a different country and create arts while learning through literature, games and music.

July 27—July 31    Summer Olympics

This is an opportunity for fun and games, but most importantly, the activities will build social skills building friendship ,team work and unity.

August  3- Aug 7    The Great Outdoors; Tents, Camp Fires, Lanterns O My!

This week will be going on a bear hunt to see what we can see! Engaging in camping adventures through fun activities .

Aug 10—Aug 14       Explore The Enchanted

Come embark upon the world of fairytales among the rainforests. Exploring the world of princesses, knights , fairies and dragons

Aug 17—Aug 21      The Land Before Time

Join us as we go into the world of dinosaurs. We will have an archaeological dig and explore artifacts to learn about our prehistoric times.

Aug 24-Aug 28     Investigate, Explore and Explode

We are on a scientific mission! We will learn the nature of science. Using our everyday objects making creations and a few explosions

Aug 31–Sept 4      NO Camp Play Care Only