Stewardship Campaign

February 7, 2019

Last year, our stewardship consultant recommended that we try a spring pledging cycle.  Although initially confusing, we feel it is important to try it again for another year to see if it meets Wesley’s needs.

Thank you for furthering the mission and work of God’s Kingdom through Wesley United Methodist Church. You make a difference!

Growing In Faith Through Generosity

Information about the 2019-2020 Giving Campaign for Wesley Church

Giving Year:  The giving year will run from May 1st, 2019 – April 30th, 2020. Quarterly statements will be issued as always and will include giving totals for the calendar year and the pledge year.

Email Addresses:  This year, we have asked for your e-mail address(es). You may leave this blank if you don’t use email. The e-mail(s) you provide on your card will be for church business only.

Envelope Numbers and Pledge Amounts:  It you’ve forgotten your envelope number, need to have one assigned to you, or wish to change your pledge amount anytime throughout the year, please contact Marian Hudson at (302) 678-9626 or You may also contact her when there is a young person in your family who is about to turn 18 and wishes to have their own giving/envelope number.

Envelope Giving:  Many prefer to use your envelopes to give, and that giving method is always an option. Because it is confusing for new members and those who wish to give online, we will now refer to the envelope number as the Giving/Envelope number since some will no longer be using envelopes.

Electronic GivingYou have the option of giving electronically.  Either by going to: or by using My Church by Pushpay.  My Church is available for those who wish to go paperless and is a secure online application that can be downloaded to your cell phone. It provides a convenient way to give, but also serves as a central hub for connecting with Wesley electronically.

What does My Church offer?

  • Access to the church calendar
  • Access to past services from your cell phone
  • The ability to share Wesley’s services to a loved one who lives out of the area
  • An automatic alert feature so you can receive important messages such as closure alerts
  • Saves time for you – no need to write checks or bring cash to church if you choose automatic deductions electronically
  • Saves paper and time for office staff and administrative volunteers – saves time by reducing and automating the administrative tasks


Downloading the App:

  • Go to the app store on your phone and search for My Church by Pushpay
  • Download the app and select Wesley United Methodist Church
  • Go to the “Give” section to set up your giving preferences. You will be asked to set up a password and enter your bank account number. You may set up an automatic withdraw, or give according to your own schedule. The system allows the flexibility for you to easily control your payment date
  • You can also text “WUMC App” to the number 77977
  • If you need help setting up My Church, please visit the table that will be set up in Grace Fellowship Hall the next several weeks. You may also check the box on your pledge card and someone from the church will help you.