Resist: Christian Dissent for the 21st Century (Micheal G. Long, Editor)

The concept of Christian dissent starts with Christ (although there may be some who argue that John certainly paid for his dissent in his preperation for Christ). This book’s 19 chapters take different looks and views of the concept and practices of dissent, as well as chapters on prayers and mediations on the subject.

The different chapters, authors, and subjecs is a good approach for such a topic. Whether we should dissent, what we should dissent against, and the methods of dissent are all discussed in different ways throughout the book. Topics such as racism, consumerism, violence, political dissent, poverty, and eco-dissent  – an interesting topic that manages to incaspulate most of the previous topics.

The variety of authors means there is going to be topics and approaches that will hit home with some, and will leave others scratching their heads at the approach or treatment. I liked the note on consumerism that stated that “Ba’al worship is not a great threat, but I-doltrary is another matter”. but the eco-justice chapter seemed a bit over the top, unequivocally stating that racism and classism is behind pretty much every eco-justice issue seems a bit much.

Overall, though, a great read that gives a broad perspective on the subject, and would be a great choice for a discussion group.


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