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Sigrid Mills will be featured on CBS News tonite, at 6:30pm, in a story about her visitation ministry.

You probably know this wonderful saint of God, but if not, here’s a little background:

Sigrid joined Wesley church in 1964 and is the original founder of Wesley Branches, which was formally established on February 12, 1993. 

There was a period of several years when Sigrid was absent from Wesley and involved with the Presbyterian Church of Dover, where she was ordained a deacon. It was during this time that she received the experience and training to begin the ministry of Wesley Branches. Mary Ellen Whitlock, a previous minister’s wife, encouraged Sigrid to return to Wesley, stating that Wesley needed this type of ministry. 

The purpose of Wesley Branches is to assure those who are hospitalized, homebound, in nursing homes, and bereaved, of God’s abiding love and care. The scripture John 15:4, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and i in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing”, was the inspiration for the group’s name. Both Sigrid and her husband Jerry dedicated themselves to this ministry.

Throughout her many years of service, she has contacted the church office every morning, communicating to the staff who is in the hospital, who is facing surgery or has passed on, setting the wheels in motion for the church to act and reach out to meet the needs of those in duress and suffering.

It is under these circumstances that you yourself may have received a visit from Sigrid. So many have. And she never arrives empty-handed, often bringing flowers, baked items, thoughtful and cheering gifts, and always words of encouragement to let you know you are deeply loved, remembered and cared about.

After the death of her husband, it became financially challenging to continue the ministry in the manner in which she was accustomed, and she was not sure she could continue. However, through the generous gift of an anonymous donor, she is able to continue..

Sigrid serves as the coordinator of six (6) area Methodist churches for Sunday services at the local nursing homes.

For more than three (3) years, she was involved in a ministry of visitation to encourage inmates at the Delaware Correctional Center.

She was recently honored for her 25 years of service to Hospice.

She is also an active member of the Chancel Choir at Wesley.

We serve a merciful, loving, invisible Father. He allows us, as the body of Christ, the privilege of being His hands, His face, His feet, and His love, during our short time here on earth. 

This is Sigrid.

We thank her for faithfully sharing God’s love for us in our time of need in so many practical ways. We thank her for using her many gifts and talents, whether it be a visit, a song, a kind word, a warm smile, or words of comfort and grace to those members and friends of Wesley church, the household of faith.

Cindy Mayan