Our Staff Contacts

Our Staff Contacts

Amy D. Yarnall, Senior Pastor: pastor.amy@wesleyumc-dover.com

Jewett M. Short, Minister of Pastoral Care: mailto:pastor.short@wesleyumc-dover.com

Joy Gordy-Stith, Director, Youth and Children’s Ministry:  mailto:joy@wesleyumc-dover.com

Michele Dryda, Administrative Assistant: mdryda@wesleyumc-dover.com

Marian Hudson, Treasurer: marian@wesleyumc-dover.com

Church Office, general mail: church@wesleyumc-dover.com

Lester Jones, Custodian: lester@wesleyumc-dover.com

Jennifer Scott, Wesley Pre-School Director: preschooldirector@wesleyumc-dover.com

David Wilkins, Organist: David@wesleyumc-dover.com

Becky Davis, Director of Music: becky@wesleyumc-dover.com

Joshuah Bogus, Praise & Worship Leader: josh@wesleyumc-dover.com 

Mary Ann Evans, Lay Leader: layleader@wesleyumc-dover.com

Amy Kellen, Children’s Choir Director: childrenschoir@wesleyumc-dover.com