New Member Classes

New Members Classes:  If you are interested in exploring the meaning of membership in Wesley United Methodist Church, mark your calendar for this four-part series of classes in March.

Participants will be invited into deeper understanding; attending the classes is a way of deciding if membership vows are for you.

Classes are led by Pastor Amy, as well as additional church leaders who vary each week. Dates of classes are March 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th at 4 pm in the Parlor.

We would be honored to explore the covenant of baptism and membership with you. 

These expectations of membership are committing to God “our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.” And this is what that looks like in everyday life:

1. Worship each week unless prevented (i.e. by illness). If travelling, visit another church.

2. Invite others to become a part of God’s church.

3. Prayer and Study life: Pray individually, with family, with and for church family and world.

4. Participate in small group ministry.

5. Be intentional about being a part of this family and nurturing one another.

6. Share resources that God has entrusted through giving to God’s church. Begin with at least 3% and work toward a tithe of 10% by increasing each year, with a goal of reaching tithing in five years.

7. Be sent out to serve, using the Spiritual gifts God has given you, to fulfill our shared mission, for the transformation of the world.

To register for this class click the link below or call the church office 302-678-9626 to sign up.