Meet the Reverend Amy Yarnall

I am Amy Yarnall, and I have the privilege of serving as Senior Pastor here at Wesley Church.

I became a part of God’s Church as a young adult. When we were in our early 20’s, Ray and I started attending worship at Skyline Church in Wilmington, DE.

Over the course of several years, I wrestled with the big questions of life. I struggled with questions like the problem of suffering and evil, how Christianity could be an answer in light of so many other faith traditions, and how I could consider myself Christian in light of all the awful things done in Jesus’ name. I was also searching to understand the purpose of life, wanting to understand what I am supposed to do with my life, and I was searching for hope in the face of all the challenges of life.

Over time, God moved me from a place of asking “how could I believe?” To “how can I not believe in light of all that I have experienced?” I have found that faith is a beautiful and mysterious gift. Through my experiences of worship, study, prayer, and service, I experienced God’s grace. I do not have perfect understanding for answers to all of my questions. Yet I have discovered a relationship with God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit that fills me with love, joy, peace, and purpose.

I have learned to pray, and discovered the gift of discernment. In 1997, on a cold rainy January Friday night, I was driving home from a job I found soul deadening. I prayed, yet again, for God to give me guidance. The idea of being a pastor had crossed my mind, but was immediately followed by the thought that I could never do that. On that night, I heard what I now call a God thought. It was “you need to hurry up and follow your calling while you are young.” It was not a loud booming voice. It was a gentle nudge. From there, God used my husband, pastor, and local church to affirm the call.

In September 1997, I entered Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. I was a student pastor for four years, earning my degree while living in both DC and Wilmington and serving the church part time.

God has led me to wonderful ministry settings in Rehoboth, Delaware City, Middletown, Chesapeake City, and now Dover.

God has given me a passion for helping others know God through thoughtful study and questions, how to experience Love by learning how to open up to the Spirit in prayer and other spiritual practices, and how to serve and make a difference in the world.

Ray and I have been blessed with two wonderful children, Shannon and Jacob. My kids teach me everyday about wonder, joy, perseverance, hope, and love. Ray and I are grateful to have the privilege of serving God as a family.

If you are seeking to know, love, and serve, I invite you to Wesley UMC.

Pastor Amy graduated from the University of Delaware in 1993 with a degree in International Relations. In 2001, she completed a Masters of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary,  summa cum laude. She was a Lewis Fellow, focused upon leadership, in 2005-2006. She has served the Conference  as a member of The Advocacy Resource Team, Chair of Volunteers in Mission, and currently serves the District Committee on Ministry. She is also  member of the Board of Governors for Wesley Theological Seminary.

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