Four Things Our Youth Ministry Can’t Do (And One Thing It Can)


Four Things It Can’t Do

(And One Thing It Can)


What it CAN’T…

  1. It can’t spend its way to making your kids spiritually healthy. In other words, to build a strong youth ministry, we don’t need a new_________________; we need loving relationships that lead kids to Christ. 
  1. It can’t out-entertain MTV, Video Games, or Movies. Although youth ministry is entertaining at times, our chief function is to challenge students to own and live out their faith. 
  1. It can’t save our kids or keep them saved. When our children trust in Christ, it’s our role as parents to help this faith and show what it means to live it out. Youth ministry is a collective organism, of varying faith levels. We, the youth ministry, in partnership with parents, help students understand what it means to be the church— individually and collectively. 
  1. It can’t have more impact or influence than YOU. Every poll I’ve seen says that we, the parents, still have the greatest influence on our kids. As hard as the youth ministry (the youth pastor and the caring adults who help) may try, we are not the silver bullet for changing lives. We the parents are. 

What it CAN— What our Youth Ministry CAN (and SHOULD) do:

  1. Create an Atmosphere to Know and Worship God. This is where our Sunday and Thursday night meetings come in. We do our best, through teaching, studying, praying, videos, song, and outreach, to give students a worship opportunity among their peers. We give them a chance to let it all hang before God. Our sole goal is to lead students to a real, living, authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.YMMainPageLOGO