Deacon Carlos Reyes


Wesley UMC is blessed to have our own Deacon.

After graduating from Wesley Theological Seminary in May 2016, with his Master of Divinity, Carlos S. Reyes Rodríguez initiated a new position as Coordinator of Hispanic-Latino Ministries at the Pen-Del Conference.

From Barranquilla, Colombia, Carlos is passionate for the expansion of liberating narratives “made flesh” that powerfully free people from oppressive systems. “These narrative are challenging for the suppressors to understand or even recognize them, but for me, the liberating narratives are intersections of justice and the divine here on earth,” he says. Carlos is commissioned as Deacon for the UMC. Called to word, compassion, service and justice, he hopes to continue building bridges of love and seeking justice for the “realization of the true peace as reflection of God’s manifestation in a diverse body.” He is currently working and learning from the resilient spirit of the migrant communities from Central and South America in the U.S. “They are the revolutionary faces of Jesus.”

Carlos lives with Kaylee, his wife, in Dover, DE and has attended Wesley UMC since 2014. Besides playing soccer and watching independent movies, Carlos enjoys monitoring the news from around the world -especially newspapers and podcasts- as habit of his journalist degree with emphasis on politic and economic communication; a bachelor degree earned at Universidad Autónoma del Caribe in Barranquilla, Colombia, in 2006.

Carlos’ primary appointment is in the Conference Office. His secondary appointment is here at Wesley UMC.  Through his primary and secondary appointments together, his ministry helps create connections between the Church and the World.  We are blessed to have Carlos.

For more information on what the Methodist Church defines a Deacon as, you can follow this link.

You can contact Deacon Carlos at: