Community Yoga

You’re Invited! Come experience Yoga with a Christian leader. Connect with God, spending time guided in prayerful movement.

Yoga classes:

Sundays at 5 pm, in Grace Fellowship Hall.

Wednesdays at 5:30 pm, in the Student Ministries Center.

Chair Yoga: Fridays at 11 am, in the Student Ministries Center.

Pastor Amy D. Yarnall, Sr. Pastor & Yoga Teacher
Classes are free and open to the public.

Donations accepted to benefit Mama Tola school in Congo. Wear
comfortable clothing that allows movement. Bring a yoga
mat if you have one; mats also provided.

Yoga Facts:

  • Yoga is a spiritual discipline. The goal of yoga is to be one with the Divine and

    help us grow in our devotion to God. “Yoga attempts to create a state in which

    we are always present- really present- in every action and in every moment.”

    Ongoing practice and meditation helps us to become wiser and more able

    to understand and see more clearly.

  • Anyone can breathe, therefore anyone can do yoga. You cannot do yoga wrong.

  • We will set an intention for each practice. It may be something you need, like

    peace or joy or contentment. It may be something you need to release, like

    judging yourself. Let the Spirit lead you.

  • Follow the breath. We open the body on the inhale and close on the exhale.

    Following the breath is central.

  • The goal is not to get into a particular posture. Do what is right for your body.

    Going to the edge where it is feels like a good stretch is good, but there should

    never be pain. If a movement is painful, come back out of the posture into

    a more shallow or modified version.

  • If a class is following the breath, we will not necessarily be moving in sync. We

    will catch up to each other in certain postures, like downward dog or forward


  • Don’t worry about how other people are moving. There is no comparison; this is

    about what movement feels right for YOU. Breathe. Be present. If it is helpful

    to see how someone else is moving for instructional purpose that is fine. But

    this is not an exercise class- the goal is not to be in step with the people

    around you. Follow the instructions of the teacher and move as it feels good to