College Scholarship

  Wesley United Methodist Scholarship Award Scholarship Requirements

The applicant must be: 

  • Regularly attending participant at Wesley United Methodist Church
  • Pursuing a career* in full-time Christian service or
  • Pursuing a career* in a helping@ profession (Ministry, Nursing, teaching, social work, and child care are examples.)
  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree or a post accredited high school education certification program in an accredited school or
  • Pursuing an advanced degree (acceptable)
  • First-time recipient of this scholarship (preferred) or
  • Repeat recipient (acceptable)

 The applicant will be judged on the following in order of importance: 

  • Essay that explains how the applicant has been inspired to pursue major, career or field of study
  • Christian service at Wesley United Methodist Church
  • School and/or community service
  • Academic success

 * If none of the applicants meet all requirements, the selection committee may elect to waive the career requirement and award one scholarship to the resulting superior compliant applicant, if any.

If you would like to apply, please complete an application: 

Scholarship Application