Christmas Miracle Offering

Mike Slaughter, pastor of one of our largest United Methodist Churches,is fond of saying “Christmas is not your birthday.”

This year, we are inviting Wesley Church to live out this truth and plan for a Christmas celebration that honors Jesus more deeply.

How much do you typically spend on Christmas gifts?
If its $500, might you cut you’re spending to $250 and give $250 to the Christmas miracle offering?
Or, might you save an extra $250 or $500 to match the spending you plan for gifts for families and friends?

The Christmas Miracle Offering will be given to two places.
Locally, it will go the Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing.
Wesley is a founding member of this ministry which houses men, and helps them to get back on their feet.
Globally, the other half will go to the Mama Tola School in Congo.
Gifts will help to adopt the class of students presently in 7th grade. It will help to provide these children with “a future with hope.”