The United Methodist Church Practices Baptism for Infant and Adult/Believers



To request a baptism, please contact the office.

In baptism, both the family and the congregation promise God to raise the child in the faith. Therefore, it is vital that a child be a part of a church on a regular basis. We hope that it will be this church. If a family seeking baptism has family ties to this church, but lives elsewhere, then arrangements can be made to connect with the home church in your area.

This baptism form will need to be completed.

Infant Baptism:  When we baptize an infant, the parents, sponsors,and church family all promise God to work together to raise the child in the faith. When they grow old enough, typically in teenage years, the process of confirmation prepares these people to profess the faith for themselves.

Therefore, it is very important that the child and family be active in a church. If you are seeking baptism for your child, we would be honored and humbled to be your church family.

To begin the process of exploring this together, please contact the office. Pastor Amy will work to schedule a time for you to participate in a baptism preparation class. Here we will talk about the meaning of baptism and raising your child in the faith. Typically the class will be about an hour and a half and include at least two families, so that you may meet one another. Pastor Amy is flexible about scheduling dates. The only season of the church year in which baptisms are not practiced is during Lent. First Sundays of the month are communion Sundays, so these are not typically baptism Sundays, but they can be if travel schedules necessitate this. 

If you are not yet a member of Wesley Church, we will invite you to become one. Committing to God and God’s church is an important part of raising your child in the faith. Pastor Amy teaches new member classes a few times per year. If the dates of baptism and membership do not coincide, we are flexible in scheduling, so long as it all gets scheduled with in the same year.

Adult Baptism: This term is used to refer to people who are able to answer for themselves. If you are new to the faith and want to commit your life to following in the way of Jesus Christ, we would be honored and blessed to celebrate this sacrament with you. Baptism and membership are intertwined, because when we profess our faith we also promise to live our lives as disciples. The way we live as disciples is in relationship with the body of Christ. Thus, people preparing for baptism are a part of new member classes, with a special emphasis on preparing for baptism. 

If your child is old enough to answer questions of faith, but not yet a teenager (confirmation is typically between 8th & 12th grades) we will joyfully celebrate baptism, and then invite your child to be confirmed at the typical age when they are ready.

Here are additional resources which will be used in meeting with the Pastor:

The Meaning of the Baptism Liturgy (what the words said in worship mean)
The Meaning of Baptism
Overview of our Theology in the UMC (aka Wesleyan Theology)

To learn the particulars of this blessed sacrament, we invite you to review the Church’s Baptismal Covenant by clicking on the picture below:

Baptismal Covenant