Adopt a class of 7th graders in the Congo

Adopt a Class in Congo

We have an exciting new opportunity for Wesley

We are the pilot church for “adopting” a class of students at the Mama Tola School in Congo, which is a secondary school (a middle and high school together). We have been in conversation with our missionaries, Jonathan and Donna Baker, to develop this project. Click here to see a video of the school.

The Mama Tola school is engaging in transformational ministry. By educating, spiritually nurturing, feeding, housing, and clothing students in the equivalent of 7th grade, the school is laying a foundation of blessing for each village these students come from. Research shows that one of the most effective ways to bring long lasting improvement in the world is to educate children. Education of students leads to their families being blessed by their ability to earn, as well as their ability to teach their own children. In 1946, the village on Deinganga was founded by Methodists with a church, the school, and a medical clinic. These ministries have been making tremendous strides for the gospel. Now, we get to participate in taking the next step.

Many of the students at the Mama Tola school travel from other villages to live and study at Mama Tola. However, because of poverty, they are not always able to continue.

This is where we come in. For a monthly gift, you can be a person who adopts this school, and the students in it. Some students are more in need of assistance than others. Your monthly gift will go to benefit a child in need, but the students will not know who among them is receiving scholarship assistance. Your gift will provide for the tuition, supplies, room, & board for a girl in need. You will receive communication from students at the school, and learn about their lives.

You will see more detailed descriptions and pictures of the ministry. Also included are an outline of the expenses, and how your monthly or annual gift will make a difference. The suggested donation to adopt is $35/month (or $420/yr). However, if you are able to give more, or would like to participate at a lower rate, that is also wonderful.

One hundred percent of these funds will go directly to the Mama Tola ministry to benefit a girl in need. The United Methodist system is set up so that the overhead is already covered by other funds, supported by our apportionment giving. (Wesley gives about $64,000/year to support our connectional system locally, nationally, and around the world.)

A note about other adopt a child ministries: 

For many years, Christian mission organizations like World Vision and Compassion International have led people to “adopt a child” in a developing country. The children in need are provided essential, life saving resources through such relationships. However, because these organizations must pay for the costs of operating the ministry, not all of the funds given can go directly to the children. This is why I often counsel United Methodists to use our system of mission support- otherwise we are essentially paying twice for overhead. Once for our system, and again for World Vision or Compassion overhead.

The United Methodist Church has evaluated these types of projects, and found that they have an Achilles heel: they can create uneven distribution within communities, thus contributing to strained relationships within families, while not always providing for the most urgent needs of a community. For example, if there are multiple children in a family, and only some of them are “adopted” the ones who are not can be literally or figuratively left out. In addition, resources that are directed for the good of an entire community, for example for a new well, may be more urgently needed, than the specific provision for some children. Therefore, our mission system focuses upon whole villages and ministries, rather than adopting individual children.


To kick off this project, the mission committee has already committed to the support of one girl for this year, with $500 from the mission budget.

Pray about how God is leading you to bless a child, and by extension, and entire community now and in the future. Truly this is an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

This is a great last minute Christmas gift. Click here  to donate directly to the school. Then write out a card to your loved one, sharing about the school. You could print off this description about the school.

Be sure to let us know that you are participating by emailing so that you receive communication from the children.

Additionally, fifty percent of our Christmas Miracle offering this year will benefit the Mama Tola School.

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