About the organ

Wesley’s current pipe organ was installed in 1960 by the Tellers Pipe Organ, Co. of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Some of the organ pipes remain from the original organ installation in 1897.

The 1960 organ consisted of 18 ranks of pipes… 18 different sounds with 61 pipes each. 2 ranks of pipes have been added in recent years, thanks to memorial gifts, contributions from music lovers, and with the strong support of the Wesley Trustees.

In 2006, an English Horn was added, largely with contributions in memory of longtime Wesley Organist George Wiltshire.

In 2010, the Festival Trumpet pipes were added, and designed to play independently on all 3 keyboards — the Swell, the Great and the Pedals. This addition was largely funded by memorials to Barbara Jones and others, with support from the Trustees.