Play Care Registration form 2022/2023

2022/2023 Play Care Registration Form (click here)

Wesley United Methodist Church
209 S. State Street, Dover, De 19901 – 678-8987
Wesley Play Care Registration Form
This Registration form is for Play Care ONLY

Registration Fee $55.00 – This fee is waived for children registered in Preschool.

Start Date:___________________________

Please list and be specific with days and times needed:

Days Needed:____________________________________Times:___________________
______My child is a napper _______My child is a non-napper
( Rest time is required for children age 2 and under)

Child’s Name_______________________________________M_________F_________________

Birth Date___________________Age_________________


Home Phone__________________________________ Cell Phone_______________________________

Mother’s Name___________________________ Mother’s Email _______________________________

Mother’s Work Phone____________________ Mother’s Cell Phone _____________________________

Cell phone carrier_______________________(text alerts)

Father’s Name____________________________ Father’s Email _______________________________

Father’s Work Phone____________________ Father’s Cell Phone ______________________________

Cell Phone Carrier_______________________(text alerts)

Note: DO NOT use this form if your child is enrolled in Preschool and Play Care. Use Preschool
Registration form only.

Please remember to notify the Preschool Office immediately if your original PlayCare times change.