Play Care Registration form 2020/2021

2020/2021 Play Care Registration Form (click here)


Wesley United Methodist Church

209 S. State Street, Dover, DE 19901 – 678-8987

Wesley Play Care Registration Form

Registration Fee $55.00 – This fee is waived for children registered in Preschool.

Start Date:___________________________

Please print clearly!

Please list and be specific with days and times needed:

Days Needed:____________________________________


____My child is a napper    ____My child is a non-napper

Child’s Name__________________________________   M___   F___

Nickname_____________________________Birth Date___________________Age_________________


City________________________  State ___________  Zip _______________

Home Phone_____________________ Cell Phone______________________


Mother’s Name_______________________ Work Phone_________________ 

Father’s Name_______________________ Work Phone__________________

Legal Guardian______________________Work Phone___________________

Emergency Contact________________________ Phone__________________

Preschool Class, if registered________________________________

Days & Times__________________

Note:  Preschool registration must take place on a separate form.  Please remember to notify the Preschool Office immediately if your original Play Care times change.