Dinners IV

What is Dinners IV?  It is a great way to meet folks from church that you may not already know. It’s also a good way to get to know your church family better. Groups (couples or singles) plan their own meals and get together once a month for three consecutive months.  At each dinner, the host couple (or single) invites another couple – either from Wesley (or not) to join the group for dinner.  The purpose is to share meals at participants’ homes, at local restaurants, or wherever the group decides. The emphasis is on fun and fellowship, so you don’t have to be a gourmet cook to participate.  We have two sessions – fall and spring each year.  You can choose to participate in either or both.

How does a Dinner IV Group work?  
Simply  fill out a form at the church and return it in the offering plate on Sunday, to the church office, or contact Dinners IV Coordinators, Jack and Nancy Royston.  Once groups are formed, a Group Coordinator will be selected for each group.

What does a Group Coordinator do? 

This is the point person for the Group. The Group Coordinator contacts group members to select the location, date, and food sign-ups for the first gathering. It is recommended that future gatherings are scheduled during your first night together.

I don’t have room to host a dinner, or I really can’t cook!  
Our desire is for you to spend time together getting to know each other and include everyone. Your group may choose to repeat a host home or eat out.  We want everyone to feel that they can participate.

How are the Dinners IV groups formed?  
Our goal will be to put people together so that each group has, at most, six adults (plus the invited guests).  Groups may be comprised of all couples or both couples and singles.  It all depends on who signs up. The mystery is part of this ministry’s excitement!

What happens after our last gathering? 
Hopefully, you will have had a rewarding experience and look forward to similar experiences at Wesley UMC.  After the last gathering, you may decide to sign up for another round of Dinners IV with a different group of folks, or your group may wish to stay intact and continue as a small group.