Communication is the problem to the answer

This past Sunday evening in youth group we examined how to communicate with God and learned to understand the things that can hurt our commuication with God.

For many of us, we hear communication and no problem… surely we all know how to communicate. With so many vehicles to use today in order to communicate with someone, it sure seems easy. There is Facebook, Twitter, Email, Skype, Instagram, Texting, Calling, and, and, and, I know there’s got to be one more….oh yeah in person face to face.

The point is that we are bombarded with so many different ways to communicate with others, each new way promising us this is the best and most convenient way, we sign up. We create our accounts and next thing you know these become our primary way of staying connected with each other.

Let me ask you a question: Do you think the way we communicate with others impacts the way we communicate with God?

There is nothing wrong with these forms of communication, they can be very helpful. But if we are honest, we can become so dependent and immersed in them that we have soon forgotten what it looks like to be still and quiet. I noticed this in my life. In fact when I did have the opportunity to be still and quiet, it made me uncomfortable, and I quickly needed to turn something on.

Is this you, does that sound like your life or your teenagers? We want the peace of God, we want the comfort, love and presence of God in our lives, but these all come through knowing God….like personally, intimately. They are not things we can purchase at church or the christian bookstore, or get from someone else.

During this week take time to read Psalm 46.

As you do notice that the Psalmist starts out proclaiming God as our strength and refuge and that God is present in our trouble. After that the Pslamist describes violent disasters, storms, earthquakes, & destruction, it says that the nations will rage, kingdoms will totter, but be still and now that God is God. God will be exalted among the nations and all the earth.

Perhaps you feel like this, your life is crazy, perhaps you are feeling like our world is crazy and this passage does well to describe it. Our world is not our hope, it is not our home. God’s kingdom is. I pray that God’s entire being would rest so peacefully in your heart and in your homes. But we must call upon the name of the Lord to do so. Let us call out to God so that our peace would be found in the still and quiet and even when the loud, noisy and chaos comes, our peace and hope remains. Because God is with us, always.

Chris Countryman

Director of Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry


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